L & C Key Messages

All of the following is useful information for clubs and their committees.

Fixture Scheduling

Our fixture team works diligently to provide very team a fixture each week if possible. This is based on not wishing any Saturday to pass by with teams missing games, as it is inevitable fixtures will be lost to the weather at some point during the season.

However, if there are times when there are Premier League fixtures that conflict with games and cause difficulty for clubs, we will allow either later kick offs, or for teams to find a mutually agreeable venue for a night fixture in the week preceding a game.

If this is a desirable option, please let the fixture team know of any such arrangements by emailing fixtures@landc.org.uk.


We have already made clubs aware of the challenges we are facing regarding referees. We are thankful for the clubs who have arranged stand-in officials this season. Unfortunately, it is a national trend, with abuse and a lack of respect driving referees away at all levels of the game.

Everybody understands this is a game of emotions and we all care and want to do well, but this is no excuse for abuse which we have already felt the effects of in terms of driving referees away from our league.

Teams who condone the abuse, either on the day or on social media, will risk not having a referee appointed.

We implore our clubs to set the tone, take a step back and understand the difficulty of the job, and appreciate their efforts. The referees are as important to the L & C running smoothly as the teams that participate.

Post-Match Admin

Please enter your team stats and refs marks on Full Time/Matchday, and send photos/scans of match sheets to matchsheets@landc.org.uk within seven days, but ideally as soon as possible. If you are having any issues, please make the league aware.