Referee training opportunities

The League committee and specifically Stephen Howard is doing his utmost to find referees to cover our games. Unfortunately many of you will have experienced having to supply a stand in referee as there are around 15 short every week.

This, unfortunately, is the national trend that is prevalent in many areas of grassroots football.

To help with allocating the remaining referees where they are needed most, if any clubs have someone they can turn to, please let Stephen know, and also who they are. Then he knows which matches are priority to cover.

There have been few respondents to the request for anyone to train as a referee, so we will not be able to run a specific league course, but we are obtaining County FA dates, and the offer of 50% refund still stands on completion of six L & C matches.

Finally, please refrain and ask all your players to refrain from criticism of referees, we need to retain what we have, otherwise the situation is going to get worse.