L & C Diversity Inclusion Group

The L & C Diversity and Inclusion Committee member Rob Brown would like clubs to nominate representatives to take part in an open discussion about inclusivity and diversity. It is felt the key people are the football managers and assistants who have the most influence on the playing squads and changing room environment, however all nominees are welcome.

The diversity group’s brief would be to :

1.            Set up the introductory meeting in April – date to be confirmed

2.            The membership should include 5 member clubs and 3 L & C committee members

3.            We would meet 3 times a year or on an adhoc basis

4.            The group will consider the most high profile issues in accordance with diversity and inclusion for grass roots football

5.            Explore issues that would help our league to be as inclusive as possible and make suggestions to the L & C committee as to how it can develop or make           changes to be as inclusive as possible.

6.            The group would also be a sounding board for the league and be prepared to consider issues as they arise and advise accordingly.

7.            The group would be prepared to accept and take part in development  and be as knowledgeable on current issues as possible.

If you have already expressed an interest, please confirm to Rob, as several months have passed since we first started communicating about this matter.