L&C response to FA’s ‘Return to Football’ Action Plan

We have reviewed the information sent by Manchester FA regarding new guidelines for the return to competitive football, and feel it is of vital importance to be even more decisive than the guidelines outline.

All club secretaries have been advised by our own secretary, Brian Davies, to replace the word ‘should’ with ‘must’ when following new guidance. This will ensure the highest chance of safety.

For example, where the guidance says ‘everyone should self-assess for Covid-19 symptoms before every training session or match’, all of our members are advised that it is COMPULSORY to do so.

Brian said: “The approval of the FA’s plan brings the point at which there are real risks of contamination to only two weeks from now.

“Clubs and facility providers have a great deal to do to ensure these risks are minimised.

“The Manchester FA summary is a good starting point to what can become a huge amount of information to digest.

“In my opinion substitute the word MUST instead of SHOULD in almost every instance, and delete the ‘if you can’ references. If you can’t, DON’T.

“Be in no doubt, if anyone thinks this is the signal to ‘get back to normal’, it is not. It is still a life-threatening situation, if not for those directly involved, but for other members of their households and communities.”

The L&C committee will be meeting this week to discuss, and all input from clubs is welcome.