Clubs reminded not to arrange any friendly matches at this time

Manchester FA has warned that there have been reports of “referees being requested to officiate friendly matches.”

As part of the organisation’s most recent update, its communications department has reminded clubs in the region, including those in the L&C that football games of any nature at grassroots level must not go ahead under any circumstances.

In response to easing of lockdown in response to the Covid-19 pandemic, the government issued guidance at the start of June regarding grassroots football and informal football activity outside of the professional game.

It states that football training is permitted in groups of no more than six, who must keep two metres apart at all time.

Crucially, it states that “physical contact with anyone outside of your household is not permitted, therefore playing of any games is also not permitted at this time.”

This means that any clubs trying to arrange a friendly match would be contravening these rules and all teams in our leagues are reminded of this guidance.