Spurley Hey return to training marred by fly tipping

SPURLEY Hey FC’s celebrations after being given permission to return to training have been marred somewhat by the actions of ‘mindless offenders’ who have dumped rubbish at the training ground.

Sadly, this type of behaviour has been a common occurrence during Covid-19 lockdown, especially in the early days when waste recycling tips were closed. And on their return to training, it is apparent that Spurley Hey have fallen victim to the same thoughtlessness.

The club’s long-serving secretary, Dave Jameson, said: “Today brings to Spurley Hey some good news with the approval from the FA and Stockport Council to resume football training.

“However, it seems good news is followed by some bad.

“Some mindless offenders have decided to save a few pounds and stop a couple of hundred children and adults start some well needed football coaching by dumping a couple of massive load of rubbish at our facility

“The words ‘vile’ and ‘despicable’ come to mind after seeing what’s been dropped from plumbing, building waste and general waste.

“We are now forced to fork out money which we don’t have or hope the council can help and take this pile of rubbish away.”

The club have put out a call for any volunteers who may be able to help with the clear-up operation.

Mr Jameson added: “If any volunteers are willing to help us remove this rubbish to the local trip then please get in contact at rickb@spurleyhey.com.”