Information for outstanding fines

The final update of 2019 includes information for all clubs regarding fines still to be paid, as well as news on the rearrangement of postponed fixtures. On behalf of L&C AFL, we would like to wish all clubs a happy and successful 2020.

  1. All the postponed and delayed fixtures have been re-organised into a new 2nd half of the season fixture schedule starting on the 4th Jan, and released up to 11th January. For all fixture matters contact Malcolm Kershaw
  2. Unfortunately following Swinton and Barr Hill, Spurley Hey 1sts have folded, and their results expunged from the division tables.
  3. For Irlam Tiger please contact Mike Cartwright on 07810517492 instead of Kenneth Cartwright until further notice.
  4. For Hooley Bridge Celtic contact Alec Gill on 07887367160.
  5. A reminder that there are a number of fines outstanding, the clubs have been notified by Phil Faulkner. Unpaid fines will be doubled unless you pay or contact the treasurer.