Cup competitions return for 2019/20 season

In this week’s L&C AFL update, club secretaries, details regarding the return of the cup competitions are outlined.

  1. The L & C Cups start 26th October, referee fees are shared and collected by the home team, straight to penalties if tied after 90 minutes. 2nd and 9th November fixtures have been released on Full-Time. For all fixture matters contact Malcolm Kershaw, not Brian Davies.
  2. Salford Vics. Janet & Chris Carney are away from 23/10/19 until 21/11/19, although still contactable on 07956 106564, there is an 11 hour time difference. Contacts are 1st team Steve Lawman 07411 943041, 2nd team Louis Evans 07523077222.
  3. Manchester clubs note Fund4Football has launched and the application window is open from Friday 11th October to Monday 28th October.
  4. Please note that 3G/4G pitches which are used, have to be approved and on the FA register. To check go to
  5. Remember to text in results in the correct format. We’ve seen many errors on the log, and incorrect results posted which then require correction. In response to ‘FA Full-Time Results: XXX1 v YYY1, Sat 12 Oct 14:30. Reply H-A score and code XXX1, plus AET and PENS: e.g. 2-2 XXX1 3-3 AET 3-1 PENS’. You need to use the team code if you have more than one team.

Example 1 : 3-2 win for the away team : text only – 2-3 XXX1

Example 2 : 3-2 win for the away team in extra time : text only – 2-2 XXX1 2-3 AET

Example 3 : 5-4 win for the away team on PENS : text only – 2-2 XXX1 3-3 AET 4-5 PENS

All examples assume the home team texting but if it was the away team texting the only difference would be YYY1 instead of XXX1. Any other text eg putting team codes before the score or using words, and the result will be rejected.