Request to agree to L&C rules

In this week’s update, we’re looking for club secretaries to agree to L&C rules, regulations and policies. These have been sent out via email and require positive confirmation. This is one of five updates, all below.

To All Club Secretaries and Committee

  1. October fixtures have been revised and are released on Full-Time. In case you missed them last week the postponement instructions are attached and on the website For all fixture matters contact Malcolm Kershaw
  2. If any clubs have the luxury of more players than they need, please let me know as there are several clubs at which they would be welcomed (notice on the website).
  3. On 25th September I sent out a request for all clubs to agree to the Rules (email attached). Remaining clubs please respond.
  4. Please enter your refs marks and team stats within 7 days of the match. Remember if you score a referee less than 51 to send a report to
  5. Remember to refer to the new league website for all information other than fixtures, results, tables and associated admin which remain on Full Time. For those of you on Twitter, all posts to the website are sent to Twitter account @LandCAFL.