L&C fixture and website updates

Information for club secretaries and the committee is available regarding our new website and fixtures for the rest of the month.

  1. All September fixtures are now visible on Full-Time including on the 28th September, Round 2 of the Manchester Challenge Trophy and Premier Division changes.
  2. If you need to contact Urmston Town please contact Kyle. O’Connor k.y.199@msn.com or 07376133676, and not Chris Cole.
  3. If any clubs have the luxury of more players than they need, please let me know as there are several clubs at which they would be welcomed.
  4. Chris Lee of Chadderton Park is away until 21.09.19 and so will not be available to confirm fixtures for the next 2 matchweeks. In his absence can you please contact Mike on  07947 675847.
  5. Remember to refer to the new league website www.landc.org.uk for all information other than fixtures, results, tables and associated admin which remain on Full Time.