Steve Grimsley – Great North Run

An update on the Great North Run from Steve Grimsley, an ex-referee in the L & C.

“This year is my 22nd and l ran my first one over 30 years ago with the late Dave Wild, a Committee member and wonderful Referee.

Initially l ran to raise funds for Francis House and when Dad was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s I ran to raise funds for the society. In 2010 a double whammy – Dad passed away and my wife, Melanie, was diagnosed with Breast Cancer.

Thankfully she is responding well to all the treatments, operations etc and Breast Cancer Care helped us both immensely.

So now I Run in pink, the fringe is from Melanie. She was given it to tuck in her hat when chemotherapy affected her. The body is obviously from the Gods !!!!

If anyone would like to support me please visit my Just Giving Page, search Steve Grimsley, Grimmer 22nd Great North Run.

If anyone from the League is running it this year please contact me and we shall share a pint afterwards in South Shields. Of the 22 Runs, it’s my 7th on my knee replacement and it’s my first as an OAP.

Best regards to all who remember me in what is without doubt, the finest Amateur Football League.”

Yours in sport Grimmer

(BD – Steve also suffered from Cancer himself but does not mention it, if you can, please give to this very worthy cause, and very dedicated fund raiser)