Chris Carney 50 Year Service Award

Chris gets well deserved recognition for his service to football

SALFORD Vics FC stalwart and legend Chris Carney received due recognition of his service to amateur football with a 50-year award presented to him by Lancashire and Cheshire AFL President Tim Roebuck at a recent league meeting.

Chris said: “I have spent the last 50 years doing something I enjoy. I don’t feel I have given service to anybody apart from myself doing one of the most enjoyable things I can.

I started playing for West Salford YC in 1968 as a 14 year old (in truth I started earlier playing unregulated youth club football for the YC) and  since then I have played in every decade of my life so far in my teens, 20’s 30’s, 40’s 50’s and my 60’s but my boots are well and truly hung up now.

I also refereed from being 22 until I was 55 (and again I have been called upon by Jason Rostron in the Manchester FL to run lines several times in my 60’s).

“I have also served League Management Committee’s in several leagues (Manchester League, Manchester and District Sunday League).

My club has played under many different names  due to sponsors, but I like the current name of Salford Victoria and I hope it sticks.

There have been many highs and lows at the Club, my first season was a massive low as we lost every game but since then we have won trophies or been in Cup Finals in every league we have played in.

I have fond memories of all of them and these include the Lancashire and Cheshire, Manchester League, Manchester Amateur League, Altrincham League and the Eccles Sunday League, but the L & C is my spiritual home.

During the last 50 years I have also been a youth leader in the Boys’ Brigade and with Salford Youth Service, as well as being a foster carer.

I have to say that my happiest memories of individual events have been the cup wins, Rhodes Cup, Gosling Cup, Hellawell Shield and winning the Aggregate Trophy.

The thing I am most thankful to are the people I have met over the years who are too numerous to mention,  but I will mention a few Harry Jack and Keith Marsden from the L & C, the Manchester League committee which included Phil Platt,  Russell Hoyte and Frank Ainsworth and there are so many others that are no longer with us whom I owe so much to.”

Chris receives his award from Tim Roebucklandcccarney50