Final preparations for the new L&C season

It’s less than a week until the 88 teams in the Lancashire and Cheshire AFL lock horns and get the 111th season underway. With that in mind, there are some final instructures for club secretaries and the committee.

  • All new documents relating to the L&C can be found on the new website All out of date documents have subsequently been removed from the Full Time website.
  • If you are a club secretary or any other club official and you need to access Full Time to input referee marks and team statistics, you must assign a role of ‘team secretary’ on the Whole Game system. All club secretaries have been emailed FA guidelines about this by the League Secretary, Brian Davies.
  • Those who have done so will be assigned a ‘team administrator’ role on Full Time, and invites have been sent out to those done on Saturday to create logins. Any other interested parties should ask the League Secretary to send invites.
  • SMS results: if the people nominated by any club secretaries to receive texts have subsequently changed, or are new, send the names to the League Secretary.