L & C AFL weekly update

Another entertaining season has come to an end; all awards were handed out at the presentation evening on 17 May. In the latest update, Club Secretaries are given an update on the evening, as well as pitch information for next season and information for teams that plan on continuing into the 2019/20 season.

  1. The L & C AGM will be held at 8 PM at Curzon Ashton on the 13th June. If there are any more proposed rule changes or agenda items please send them to me by the end of this month. I will issue the agenda on the 1st of June.
  2. Bedians will have pitches available for 2019-20, please contact Rob O’Connor on 07738195124.
  3. The presentation evening for the 110th anniversary of the L & C AFL, was enjoyed by 300 attendees, and we are hoping to book the same venue for the 2019-2020 season end.
  4. All member clubs are continuing in the league in 2019-2020. If there are any changes in the number of teams you will run, or requests for divisional changes, you can let me know, however you will have until  the end of June to decide.
  5. Brian Davies will be away 20th – 30th of May, please contact Graham Ellis asstsecretary@landc.org.uk if you need assistance during that time.