L & C AFL update for club secretaries

The latest round of updates for club secretaries provides information on the remaining cup finals, the league’s alcohol policy, and news on the 125th anniversary end of season presentation evening.

  1. League Cup Finals have been booked for the following venues, all are 7.30pm kick offs, and £2 for spectators.
  • Thursday 2nd May at West Didsbury & Chorlton – Whitehead Cup Final Chadderton Cott v Stoconians 3rds.
  • Thursday 9th May at Hyde United – Rhodes Cup Final Radclyffe v Salford Vic.
  1. At this time of the season it is timely for me to remind all clubs who have cause for celebration of the need to comply with L & C Alcohol Policy. Here’s a link to the new website. The drugs and alcohol policy is included, https://landc.org.uk/rules-and-articles/ Save the celebration for the pub ie not at the pitchside and certainly not while the match is in progresss.
  2. For the remainder of the season please contact Chris Millward 07487646355 for Stoconians.
  3. The special presentation evening for the 110th anniversary of the L & C AFL, is on the 17th May at the Renaissance Hotel on Blackfriars St, corner of Deansgate, Manchester, where tickets at £20 will be subsidised. Please send me your requirements for additional places as soon as possible. A more detailed letter is also being issued to clubs today. Any nominations for long service (25 years in the L & C) can be sent to me.