Final day for emergency registrations from Saturday 30 March

As part of the weekly update from L & C AFL, all club secretaries and the league committee are reminded that Friday 5th April is the final day for emergency registrations from last weekend. More details follow, as well as other updates.

  1. ll fixtures, visible to the end of the season will be subject to alteration with cup and rescheduled matches, including  night matches, please review regularly and contact Fixtures secretary Malcolm Kershaw, if you plan to avoid Champions League and Premier League by switching nights.
  2. League Cup Finals have been booked for the following venues, all are 7.30pm kick offs.
  • Tuesday 16th April at Wythenshawe Amateurs – Wray Cup Final Village Manchester v Radclyffe.
  • Thursday 25th April at Chorlton & West Didsbury – Hellawell Shield Final Chadderton Park Seconds v Irlam Tiger seconds.
  • Thursday 2nd May at Chorlton & West Didsbury – Whitehead Cup Final Chadderton Cott v Stoconians 3rds.
  • Thursday 9th May at Hyde United – Rhodes Cup Final Radclyffe v Salford Vic or Parrswood Celtic.
  1. League cup semi-finals.
    1. Rhodes Cup 6th April at Astley Sports Village, kick off 2:30 pm Salford Victoria v Parrswood Celtic.
  2. Congratulations to Parrswood Celtic who have reached the Manchester Amateur Cup final against Failsworth Dynamoes on Friday 12th April, kick off 7.30pm at Trafford FC.
  3. Any emergency registrations from yesterday must be on WGS and approved by Friday 5th April. Any submitted after that date will be rejected.
  4. Information about the introduction of Sin Bins can be found by Googling “FA sin bins”.
  5. For the remainder of the season please contact Chris Millward 07487646355 for Stoconians.
  6. The end of this season marks the 110th anniversary of the L & C AFL. The special presentation evening is on the 17th May at the Radisson Hotel on Deansgate, Manchester, where tickets will be subsidised. Save the date! Notification and invoices for the club mandatory place numbers will be issued this week.